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Qt 3 Support Members for Qt

The following class members are part of the Qt 3 support layer. They are provided to help you port old code to Qt 4. We advise against using them in new code.


enum BackgroundMode { FixedColor, FixedPixmap, NoBackground, PaletteForeground, ..., X11ParentRelative }
typedef ButtonState
enum ButtonState_enum { ShiftButton, ControlButton, AltButton, MetaButton, Keypad, KeyButtonMask }
enum Dock { DockUnmanaged, DockTornOff, DockTop, DockBottom, ..., DockMinimized }
enum GUIStyle { WindowsStyle, MotifStyle, MacStyle, Win3Style, PMStyle }
enum MacintoshVersion { MV_Unknown, MV_9, MV_10_DOT_0, MV_10_DOT_1, ..., MV_TIGER }
enum PaintUnit { PixelUnit, LoMetricUnit, HiMetricUnit, LoEnglishUnit, HiEnglishUnit, TwipsUnit }
typedef ScaleMode
typedef TextFlags
typedef ToolBarDock
enum WindowsVersion { WV_32s, WV_95, WV_98, WV_Me, ..., WV_CE_6 }

Type Documentation

enum Qt::BackgroundMode

Constant Value
Qt::FixedColor 0
Qt::FixedPixmap 1
Qt::NoBackground 2
Qt::PaletteForeground 3
Qt::PaletteButton 4
Qt::PaletteLight 5
Qt::PaletteMidlight 6
Qt::PaletteDark 7
Qt::PaletteMid 8
Qt::PaletteText 9
Qt::PaletteBrightText 10
Qt::PaletteBase 11
Qt::PaletteBackground 12
Qt::PaletteShadow 13
Qt::PaletteHighlight 14
Qt::PaletteHighlightedText 15
Qt::PaletteButtonText 16
Qt::PaletteLink 17
Qt::PaletteLinkVisited 18
Qt::X11ParentRelative 19

typedef Qt::ButtonState

Use Qt::KeyboardModifier instead.

enum Qt::ButtonState_enum

Constant Value
Qt::ShiftButton Qt::ShiftModifier
Qt::ControlButton Qt::ControlModifier
Qt::AltButton Qt::AltModifier
Qt::MetaButton Qt::MetaModifier
Qt::Keypad Qt::KeypadModifier
Qt::KeyButtonMask Qt::KeyboardModifierMask

Use Qt::KeyboardModifier instead.

enum Qt::Dock

Each dock window can be in one of the following positions:

Constant Value Description
Qt::DockUnmanaged 0 not managed by a Q3MainWindow.
Qt::DockTornOff 1 the dock window floats as its own top level window which always stays on top of the main window.
Qt::DockTop 2 above the central widget, below the menu bar.
Qt::DockBottom 3 below the central widget, above the status bar.
Qt::DockRight 4 to the right of the central widget.
Qt::DockLeft 5 to the left of the central widget.
Qt::DockMinimized 6 the dock window is not shown (this is effectively a 'hidden' dock area); the handles of all minimized dock windows are drawn in one row below the menu bar.

enum Qt::GUIStyle

Constant Value
Qt::WindowsStyle 1
Qt::MotifStyle 4
Qt::MacStyle 0
Qt::Win3Style 2
Qt::PMStyle 3

enum Qt::MacintoshVersion

Constant Value Description
Qt::MV_Unknown 0x0000 Use QSysInfo::MV_Unknown instead.
Qt::MV_9 QSysInfo::MV_9 Use QSysInfo::MV_9 instead.
Qt::MV_10_DOT_0 QSysInfo::MV_10_0 Use QSysInfo::MV_10_0 instead.
Qt::MV_10_DOT_1 QSysInfo::MV_10_1 Use QSysInfo::MV_10_1 instead.
Qt::MV_10_DOT_2 QSysInfo::MV_10_2 Use QSysInfo::MV_10_2 instead.
Qt::MV_10_DOT_3 QSysInfo::MV_10_3 Use QSysInfo::MV_10_3 instead.
Qt::MV_10_DOT_4 QSysInfo::MV_10_4 Use QSysInfo::MV_10_4 instead.
Qt::MV_CHEETAH QSysInfo::MV_CHEETAH Use QSysInfo::MV_10_0 instead.
Qt::MV_PUMA QSysInfo::MV_PUMA Use QSysInfo::MV_10_1 instead.
Qt::MV_JAGUAR QSysInfo::MV_JAGUAR Use QSysInfo::MV_10_2 instead.
Qt::MV_PANTHER QSysInfo::MV_PANTHER Use QSysInfo::MV_10_3 instead.
Qt::MV_TIGER QSysInfo::MV_TIGER Use QSysInfo::MV_10_4 instead.

See also QSysInfo::MacVersion.

enum Qt::PaintUnit

Constant Value Description
Qt::PixelUnit 0  
Qt::LoMetricUnit 1 Obsolete
Qt::HiMetricUnit 2 Obsolete
Qt::LoEnglishUnit 3 Obsolete
Qt::HiEnglishUnit 4 Obsolete
Qt::TwipsUnit 5 Obsolete

typedef Qt::ScaleMode

Use Qt::AspectRatioMode instead.

The enum values have been renamed as follows:

Old enum value New enum value
Qt::ScaleFree Qt::IgnoreAspectRatio
Qt::ScaleMin Qt::KeepAspectRatio
Qt::ScaleMax Qt::KeepAspectRatioByExpanding

typedef Qt::TextFlags

Use Qt::TextFlag instead.

typedef Qt::ToolBarDock

Use Qt::Dock instead.

enum Qt::WindowsVersion

Constant Value
Qt::WV_32s QSysInfo::WV_32s
Qt::WV_95 QSysInfo::WV_95
Qt::WV_98 QSysInfo::WV_98
Qt::WV_Me QSysInfo::WV_Me
Qt::WV_DOS_based QSysInfo::WV_DOS_based
Qt::WV_NT QSysInfo::WV_NT
Qt::WV_2000 QSysInfo::WV_2000
Qt::WV_XP QSysInfo::WV_XP
Qt::WV_2003 QSysInfo::WV_2003
Qt::WV_NT_based QSysInfo::WV_NT_based
Qt::WV_CE QSysInfo::WV_CE
Qt::WV_CE_based QSysInfo::WV_CE_based
Qt::WV_CE_5 QSysInfo::WV_CE_5
Qt::WV_CE_6 QSysInfo::WV_CE_6