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QGraphicsAnchor Class Reference

The QGraphicsAnchor class represents an anchor between two items in a QGraphicsAnchorLayout. More...

 #include <QGraphicsAnchor>

Inherits: QObject.

This class was introduced in Qt 4.6.


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Public Functions

~QGraphicsAnchor ()
void setSizePolicy ( QSizePolicy::Policy policy )
void setSpacing ( qreal spacing )
QSizePolicy::Policy sizePolicy () const
qreal spacing () const
void unsetSpacing ()
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Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

The QGraphicsAnchor class represents an anchor between two items in a QGraphicsAnchorLayout.

The graphics anchor provides an API that enables you to query and manipulate the properties an anchor has. When an anchor is added to the layout with QGraphicsAnchorLayout::addAnchor(), a QGraphicsAnchor instance is returned where the properties are initialized to their default values. The properties can then be further changed, and they will be picked up the next time the layout is activated.

See also QGraphicsAnchorLayout::anchor().

Property Documentation

sizePolicy : QSizePolicy::Policy

This property holds the size policy for the QGraphicsAnchor.

By setting the size policy on an anchor you can configure how the anchor can resize itself from its preferred spacing. For instance, if the anchor has the size policy QSizePolicy::Minimum, the spacing is the minimum size of the anchor. However, its size can grow up to the anchors maximum size. If the default size policy is QSizePolicy::Fixed, the anchor can neither grow or shrink, which means that the only size the anchor can have is the spacing. QSizePolicy::Fixed is the default size policy. QGraphicsAnchor always has a minimum spacing of 0 and a very large maximum spacing.

Access functions:

QSizePolicy::Policy sizePolicy () const
void setSizePolicy ( QSizePolicy::Policy policy )

See also QGraphicsAnchor::spacing.

spacing : qreal

This property holds the preferred space between items in the QGraphicsAnchorLayout.

Depending on the anchor type, the default spacing is either 0 or a value returned from the style.

Access functions:

qreal spacing () const
void setSpacing ( qreal spacing )
void unsetSpacing ()

See also QGraphicsAnchorLayout::addAnchor().

Member Function Documentation

QGraphicsAnchor::~QGraphicsAnchor ()

Removes the QGraphicsAnchor object from the layout and destroys it.