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Qt 3 Support Members for QFileInfo

The following class members are part of the Qt 3 support layer. They are provided to help you port old code to Qt 4. We advise against using them in new code.

Public Types

enum Permission { ReadOwner, WriteOwner, ExeOwner, ReadUser, ..., ExeOther }

Public Functions

QString absFilePath () const
QString baseName ( bool complete )
bool convertToAbs ()
QDir dir ( bool absPath ) const
QString dirPath ( bool absPath = false ) const
QString extension ( bool complete = true ) const
bool permission ( PermissionSpec permissions ) const

Member Type Documentation

enum QFileInfo::Permission
flags QFileInfo::PermissionSpec

Constant Value
QFileInfo::ReadOwner QFile::ReadOwner
QFileInfo::WriteOwner QFile::WriteOwner
QFileInfo::ExeOwner QFile::ExeOwner
QFileInfo::ReadUser QFile::ReadUser
QFileInfo::WriteUser QFile::WriteUser
QFileInfo::ExeUser QFile::ExeUser
QFileInfo::ReadGroup QFile::ReadGroup
QFileInfo::WriteGroup QFile::WriteGroup
QFileInfo::ExeGroup QFile::ExeGroup
QFileInfo::ReadOther QFile::ReadOther
QFileInfo::WriteOther QFile::WriteOther
QFileInfo::ExeOther QFile::ExeOther

The PermissionSpec type is a typedef for QFlags<Permission>. It stores an OR combination of Permission values.

Member Function Documentation

QString QFileInfo::absFilePath () const

Use absoluteFilePath() instead.

QString QFileInfo::baseName ( bool complete )

Use completeBaseName() or the baseName() overload that takes no parameters instead.

bool QFileInfo::convertToAbs ()

Use makeAbsolute() instead.

QDir QFileInfo::dir ( bool absPath ) const

Use absoluteDir() or the dir() overload that takes no parameters instead.

QString QFileInfo::dirPath ( bool absPath = false ) const

Use absolutePath() if the absolute path is wanted (absPath is true) or path() if it's not necessary (absPath is false).

QString QFileInfo::extension ( bool complete = true ) const

Use completeSuffix() or suffix() instead.

bool QFileInfo::permission ( PermissionSpec permissions ) const

Use permission() instead.