MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan Developer Documentation Develop for the Nokia N9

Configuring device access in Qt Creator

To test and run applications on the Harmattan device, you need to configure device access in Qt Creator.

Configuring device access with SSH key authentication

Once you have completed the following steps, you can use the SSH-authenticated connection as long as the key is deployed on the device.

To generate an SSH key pair in Qt Creator:

  1. Open the Linux Devices options tab. In Linux and Windows, go to Tools > Options and select Linux Devices. In Mac OS X, select Preferences > Linux Devices in the Qt Creator menu.
  2. On the Linux Devices tab, click Add to create a new Device Configuration.
    New Device Configuration Setup wizard is launched.
  3. Select Device with MADDE support (Fremantle, Harmattan, MeeGo).
  4. Enter a name for the new configuration and verify that The system running on the device is set as MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan.
  5. Create a new set of keys for the configuration, or select existing ones for deployment.
  6. Open SDK Connectivity Tool on the device and select the connection type you are using (USB or WLAN). The tool displays a temporary password that you can use to deploy the keys on the device.
  7. Type the password on the New Device Configuration Setup wizard. The wizard then deploys the keys for permanent usage.
    At the end of the setup process, an automatic test is run to check that Qt Creator can connect to the device. The message Device configuration okay. is displayed.
    Note: If the message Could not connect to host is displayed, check your setting selections and make sure that the network is connected.
  8. When the setup is finished, check that the settings are as follows:
    • Device type: Physical Device
    • Authentication type: Key
    • Host Name: <device IP address> (USB port IP address by default)
    • SSH port: 22
    • Free ports: 10000-10100
    • Connection timeout: 30s
    • Username: developer
    Configuring device access with key authentication
  9. Click OK.

Next, create and run a project in Qt Creator.