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Harmattan security

MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan platform has a number of security features that are important from the application developer's point of view. They allow you to develop software that takes appropriate precautions to protect the device-critical APIs and the user's private data.

The Qt SDK provides support to automatically analyse your application to make Harmattan security usage as easy as possible. However, there are some situations where this automation cannot assist. You can find more information about Harmattan security and how your software can benefit from it from the Harmattan security documentation.

If you are new to the subject, it is best to start from Introduction to Harmattan security in the Security guide section.

Harmattan security
Topic Description
Security quick guide Guide for the basics of Harmattan security. This guide helps you to quickly assess your security needs.
Security guide Overview of the Harmattan security framework and details about platform and application security.
Using Harmattan security features Provides information on the following topics:
Secure coding Considerations for secure coding.
Harmattan APIs that require security credentials List of Harmattan APIs and Qt Declarative modules that require a security token in the Aegis manifest file.
Aegis manifest file generation tool Provides information about the Aegis manifest file generation tool inside the SDK.
Aegis manifest syntax Guide to editing the Aegis manifest file.
Aegis examples Aegis examples for different applications.
Accessing protected X server interfaces Instructions for accessing protected X server interfaces.
Harmattan security FAQ Frequently asked questions on Harmattan security.
Security domain overview Provides a high-level architectural description of the Harmattan security framework.