MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan Developer Documentation Develop for the Nokia N9

Using xrestop

The xrestop tool uses the X11 Resource extension to provide statistics. Similarly to top, xrestop provides data on the server-side resources used by each connected X11 client. The tool allows you to find out which application's X resource usage or leakage causes X server memory usage to increase inappropriately.


source: xrestop

binary: xrestop

Installing xrestop on the Harmattan device

Install xrestop through the developer mode applet.

Prerequisite: Developer mode must be enabled.

  1. Select Settings > Security > Developer mode.
  2. Install the Resource usage analysis bundle package by clicking Install.
  3. You get a notification screen that lists all the applications to be installed in the bundle package. To install, click OK.
  4. A dependency notice appears. Click Accept.

For more information on developer mode and installable tools, see Activating developer mode.

Using the tool

To start xrestop, enter the following command:


The tool produces an output, such as the following:

xrestop - Display: :0
          Monitoring 31 clients. XErrors: 0
          Pixmaps:   13494K total, Other:      52K total, All:   13547K total

res-base Wins  GCs Fnts Pxms Misc   Pxm mem  Other   Total   PID Identifier    
0400000     2    2    1  577  258     9641K      7K   9648K   821 mthemedaemon
0a00000     7    1    1    6  244     2235K      6K   2241K   ?   MCompositor
0000000     2    0    2    0   53     1200K      3K   1204K   ?   <unknown>
2a00000     3    3    1    1   21      186K      1K    188K  2099 call-ui
0e00000    10    2    1    2  155       97K      4K    102K  1295 sysuid
1400000     7    2    1    2  111       61K      3K     65K  1354 Quick Launch

Further information

For more information on the tool, see the following links: