MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan Developer Documentation Develop for the Nokia N9

Using x11-utils

The x11-utils bundle package contains the following set of basic X window system debugging tools:

  • xev: monitors a window's X events, for example, when the window is moved, resized, typed in, or tapped.
  • xlsatoms: lists interned atoms defined on the X server.
  • xlsclients: lists current X server client applications.
  • xprop: lists properties of the given window(s), see 'man xprop'.
  • xwininfo: shows information abut given window(s), see 'man xwininfo'.


source: x11-utils

binary: x11-utils

Installing x11-utils on the Harmattan device

Install x11-utils through the developer mode applet.

Prerequisite: Developer mode must be enabled.

  1. Select Settings > Security > Developer mode.
  2. Install the Utilities bundle package by clicking Install.
  3. You get a notification screen that lists all the applications to be installed in the bundle package. To install, click OK.
  4. A dependency notice appears. Click Accept.

For more information on developer mode and installable tools, see Activating developer mode.

Using the tool

To list all windows on the screen, for example, to see which window or application is grabbing all the input, enter the following command:

xwininfo -tree -root

To see which application owns the window, dialogue or pop-up covering the screen:

  1. Enter the following command:
    xprop | grep WM_NAME
  2. Tap the window on the device.
A string in the UTF-8 hex form is displayed.

To see if the window that receives the events is receiving all the necessary events:

  1. Enter the following command:
    xwininfo | grep id:
  2. To see the window ID, tap the window on the device.
  3. Enter the following command:
    xev -id 0xWINDOW_ID

Further information

For more information on the tools, see the following links: