MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan Developer Documentation Develop for the Nokia N9

Updating MADDE targets

Configuration for new targets and runtimes is delivered with the MADDE installer package in the configuration files that are extracted to the cache/madde.conf.d directory in MADDE installation path. However, you can also configure your own versions for different MADDE targets, sysroots, runtimes and toolchains. Usually there is no need to do this since every MADDE package you download and install brings its own configuration files to cache/madde.conf.d directory with all the relevant settings preset.

To configure your own versions, create a new file called [usertargetfilename].conf into the cache/madde.conf.d directory, and enter the new parameters for targets, sysroots, tools or runtimes. The contents of [usertargetfilename].conf are appended into the settings found in other configuration files. Duplicate configurations are not allowed.

To update the sysroot in the Harmattan target:

  1. Start your terminal application.
  2. Enter the following command:
    mad-admin fetch [location of the sysroot]
    This command downloads and saves the sysroot tarball into the cache directory in MADDE installation path.
  3. Go to the cache/madde.conf.d directory in the MADDE installation path.
  4. Create a new newtarget.conf file.
    Note: Do not edit existing configuration files brought by MADDE installation.
  5. Set up a new target in newtarget.conf:
    Note: The configuration defined in this file is appended to the configuration in existing configuration files. Duplicate names for components (such as targets, runtimes, or qt-tools) are not allowed.
    Target file systems are defined in configuration files as paragraphs that start with target and end with end. Use the existing configuration files as a reference when setting up new target file systems in newtarget.conf.
    For a new target file system, you only need to change two parameters in target paragraph:
    • name of the target itself
    • sysroot parameter
    Set the sysroot parameter to match the file name that you have downloaded.
    To use the configuration of other components (toolchain, qttools, runtime) that are already defined in the harmattan.conf configuration file and do not change in the newly defined target, add following line to the beginning of the file:
    require harmattan
  6. After setting up a new target file system in newtarget.conf, install it into the MADDE environment:
a. Start your terminal application.
b. To list the available target file systems, enter the following command:
mad list
The name of the recently defined target file system is now displayed in the list. If it is not, make sure that the settings in newtarget.conf files are correct.
c. To install the target file system, enter the following command:
mad-admin create [target name]
d. If you want to set the new target file system as default, enter the following command:
mad set [target name]