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Updating MADDE in Qt Creator

MADDE comes with Qt SDK and you do not need to install it separately. However, if you want to update the MADDE version used in Qt SDK, install a new version and configure Qt Creator to use it.

To get an updated version of MADDE and start using it with Qt Creator:

1. Download the MADDE installation file corresponding to your host platform from MADDE download page.

2. To install MADDE:

  • In Linux or Mac OS X platform, run the downloaded installer shell script:
sh <MADDE installer file>
  • In Windows, execute the MADDE installation file.

Note: Make sure that the installation path does not include spaces.

3. Start Qt Creator.

4. Find the Qt version settings:

  • In Windows or Linux platform, go to Tools > Options > Qt4.
  • In Mac OS X platform, go to Qt Creator > Preferences > Qt4.

5. On the right side of the Qt Versions view, click Add to add a new version.

A blank, new version appears in the Qt Versions view.

6. On the Version Name line, specify a name for the new version.

7. On the qmake location line, specify a qmake location for the new version. In MADDE, the default location is:

<MADDE install path>/targets/<target name>/bin


<Qt SDK install path>/Madde/targets/<target name>/bin

8. Click Apply and OK.