MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan Developer Documentation Develop for the Nokia N9

Creating your application with MADDE

Note: For an example on how to create a Hello World application based on the qt-simple template with MADDE terminal, see section Creating a simple Qt application.

To create a project with one of the predefined MADDE templates as the project skeleton:

1. To see available templates for projects, enter the following command:

mad pscreate -l

The command produces the following output:

lib-simple       lib      Simple example for C/C++ library
qt-empty         prog     Empty project for Qt application
qt-lib-simple    lib      Simple example for Qt library
qt-simple        qtprog   Simple example for Qt application
simple           prog     Simple example for C/C++ application

For descriptions of the project skeletons created by the different templates, see MADDE templates.

2. When you have selected the template, enter the following command:

mad pscreate -t <template name> <project name>

The command creates the project directory and the subdirectories according to the selected template.