MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan Developer Documentation Develop for the Nokia N9

MADDE terminal user guide

MADDE is the back-end for Qt Creator but you can also use MADDE directly through its command-line interface, MADDE terminal. MADDE allows you to:

  • compile and build software
  • make Debian packages
  • install, execute, and debug applications

MADDE provides Harmattan platform versions called targets which are used in application development. MADDE also offers several predefined templates that you can use to create application skeletons as a framework for your development work.

MADDE uses Make to compile and build software, but does not support Autotools. Debian packages are done by using Debian Package Creator (dpkg) tool.

MADDE can also control a system QEMU application and Harmattan platform version system image file used by the system QEMU to emulate the Harmattan device. MADDE supports using both QEMU runtime and the device for installing, executing, and debugging the software. System QEMU is used as QEMU runtime.

Note: To start developing applications for Harmattan devices, it is recommended that you use Qt Creator with the MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan target. Together they provide advanced developer tooling for designing, developing, debugging, and testing your applications.

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Using the MADDE terminal

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