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Application Frameworks

The Application Frameworks topics provide APIs to develop visual user interfaces and to enable the use of other UI aids, such as touch support.

The following table describes the Application Frameworks APIs:

Application Frameworks services APIs
API name Description Belongs to
Events Feed
  • Provides an interface to the event feed that the developers can use to create and manage event feed items.
  • Provides a way for QML applications to request already created instances of QApplication and QDeclarativeView classes for themselves. This helps to reduce application startup time.
QtDeclarative (Qt Quick)
  • Declarative framework for producing dynamic user interfaces.
  • Uses the QML markup language, a JavaScript extension that offers easier UI customisation than common QtGUI elements in general.
  • Can be used to create completely new applications or to extend existing ones
  • Does not require C++ skills
  • Integrates with existing Qt C++ applications

Example use: Create an application using the QML language, and use the visual editor provided in Qt Creator for polishing the UI.

  • A wide selection of classes that allow you to implement graphical user interfaces to your Qt applications
  • QtCore extension that provides GUI functionality

Example use: Create a graphical user interface for your Qt application.

Qt Quick Components
  • Set of QML based elements that can be used to build a user interface that matches the native look and feel of the device.

Example use: Implement the program logic with Qt or C++ and create the user interface with Qt Quick Components and QML.

Qt Quick Components Extras
  • Provide an additional set of Harmattan widgets and building blocks. They are built with QML and you can use them in your QML application in the same way as the other Qt Quick Components.
  • Classes for handling Qt Designer forms in applications
  • Enables applications to create UIs dynamically based on UI files created in Qt Designer

Example use: Use in your application to process Qt Designer UI files to create user interfaces at runtime


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